Ematic Analytics

An analytics platform that allows you to look at long-term trends and predictive analytics

How Does Ematic Analytics Work?

Ematic Analytics enables you to:

  • Analyse Long-term Trends with Email Marketing
  • Predictive Analytics to look into the future performance
  • Single view of email performance along with GA metrics
  • Store historical email performance data from other Ematic supported ESPs

More info about Ematic Analytics:

Ematic Analytics has been built to enable marketing teams to have the ability to look at performance data and make informed decisions about their marketing strategy. As part of this, Ematic Analytics allows you to look at metrics such as open rate, click rate, unique total opens, unique total clicks over any period of time.

With the ability to look at these metrics over-time, marketing teams will be able to spot increasing or decreasing trends for specific metrics and take action to improve the performance.

Apart from campaign performance metrics, Ematic Analytics also provides subscriber reports in order to show the number of new subscribers coming into your messaging platform (ESP, Push etc) and identify any loop holes in the new subscriber integration they have from their data sources.

An easy to use interface, powers email marketing teams to use Ematic Analytics to get a glimpse of the future performance as well. With predictive algorithms, we also provide data on what the performance will look like in the next few months.

Comparing the campaign performance in terms of open rate, click rate along with revenue data is crucial to measure the impact that email marketing has on revenue over-time. With a simple Single-SignOn connection to Google Analytics, you will be able to get the revenue information as well alongside campaign metrics.

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